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Online writing service has become more of a common practice these days. You can get a good writing with all references, demanded style and font, and all of it in a budget. Yet there are some companies that trick with their customer and all they want is to generate business and money out of them. is one those websites. Let’s have a brief review of this website.


When it comes to pricing this company is really looting you. I mean you would have to pay £58.32 for a simple essay of 550 words with urgency of 24 hours. Which is too much when you are a student or anyone with normal earnings.

Fake testimonials:

Fake or false testimonials are something that is in like way practice today. Various business foundations do it to obtain business or customers. This site similarly does that. You want to know how I found. Well it's essential all assumed associations reliably give contact information or expert location of their tributes, you know just if their customer need to investigate about the association. Nevertheless, this site doesn't give any association or address or their tributes. It just feels like pictures of sporadic people with lucky thing about the association.

False stats:

This site also specializes in the art of falsifying stats. Subtle elements are fortune for any business firm. Their inspiration is to demonstrate how a neutral party rates you on unprejudiced examination so customers can know where their delegate remains in the market. Regardless, here subtle elements are in like manner fraud as no neutral party is made reference to nor an association is given.


Out of 5 we rate this company 0.5. As it has improper pricing, fake testimonial, fake stats and no physical address.

Comments from students


They never generate their own content for assignments. They use the copy-paste technique and connect is still plagiarized.


never place an order with them because they are way below average. Their write up is shocking and alarming. Grammar is so poor. Order is far too expensive. Please run from them.


The writers are unprofessional and they are unable to use academic language for writing. They use very cheap vocabulary in essays. We do not recommend them for your academics.

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