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When there are so many academic writing services available online, students often get confused of selecting the best out of the lot. Fraud companies like take advantage of the situation and mislead the students giving out false impressions of their services. The website has a cluttered design with enchanting contents to draw the attention of the visitors. The order form at the main page makes it easy to realize the only thing they look for is “money”!! By conducting a comprehensive scrutiny on the website and reviews, we have come up with authentic details that would help the students to take the right decision.

Quality Of Service:

When it comes to quality of a paper, never turns up with a perfectly written document as par the guidelines. Grammatical errors, poor English, inadequate details, lack of evidences are some of the flaws commonly found in their work. Most importantly, the works are never customized according to the guidelines set down by your professor. Although the site claims to offer great services and quality papers, but they have not included any writing samples in their website from where you could check the quality of work they provide. On analysing the customers’ reviews, it can be concluded that papers received from are mostly unreadable, whereas majority of content is repetition of the same opinions just changing over phrases. On asking for revision, they are often found to ignore the calls and emails, and end up delivering the same paper without any corrections.


While the students find it difficult to afford expensive writing services online, gold diggers like leaves no scope to rob huge amount making fake commitments of delivering “best quality services”. They would ask for £217 for simple assignment tasks and the amount increases with the decrease in number of delivery days. Their marketing skills and pretentious content in their official website motivate the students to spend their hard earned cash on a work that is not worth of a standard grade. The discount tab on the home screen does have some offers on minimum of 15 page orders; however in reality the bare-minimum discount could hardly relief the students in respect to their high-rise prices. More often, they ask for full payment even before completing 20% of the given work and are found to humiliate the customers by repeated postponing of the deadline once the full payment is made.


Majority of students worry about receiving 100% original content while they seek help from the online service providers. In academic environment, the fear of being accused of plagiarism is a nightmare, and it become more daunting when you receive a re-sold or rephrased work after a week’s wait. Such cases are common in, where the customers frequently complain about receiving plagiarised or duplicate work in return of heavy price. This site does not provide with any plagiarism report when asked, instead they claim for additional payment for resubmitting the work. The consequence of plagiarised work can even suspend the enrolment of a student. Hence getting your work done from such B-graded websites at the cost of your academic future is strictly unacceptable.


Every discussion made on this company simply reputes them as a paid scam. Needless to say, the owner of this website pay premium price to get captivating reviews on their webpage. Never get dazzled by their reviews as they are just another tool to promote their services to the page visitors. Poor content, weak customer support, high-price for orders demonstrate their performance objectives that could only increase the stress level of students. So if you are hovering over this website for long just to ensure it is legit or not, this review blog would definitely come to your assistance giving you better insight about Be it price, quality or discounts, have a damaged reputation across every sphere of services they claim to offer.

Comments from students


Essay writing is a time taking task students feel it a headache for them. For this many companies are facilitating them with different online writing services. But these sites are just a fraud who are scamming the people. Eliteassignmenthelp is one of them that is designed to provide essay writing services but they have very unprofessional behavior.


we are not satisfied with this company because they are a fraud. They are not recommended for others because they are rude, their performance is not good. Writers are not qualified and their communication is not professional.

Louise fails to develop company trust. They are not honest with their commitments that they made. They are unable to follow their own goal. If a company itself fails to achieve its goal then how can it achieve yours?

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