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The dissertation is a very important document, it is usually used for postgraduate studies. Therefore, it is very important to develop a quality dissertation. But how to do if you do not have time? In those cases there are websites like Quality Dissertation UK.
But are these types of portals reliable? We can not answer for everyone, but if you want to know more about "Quality Dissertation UK Reviews" this post is for you. Let us begin!


In Quality Dissertation UK they claim that they have the best professionals in the UK. But, at no time do they tell us who these professionals are. The web portal is quite simple, but it lacks information. We do not see names, neither faces. How do we know who makes our dissertation?

Quality Of Service:

Many users complain in different portals about the quality of these dissertations. The majority assure that the dissertations are terrible and that they even have grammatical errors. On the other hand, they indicate that sentences do not make sense and are poorly elaborated. Are you looking for a low quality thesis?
Regarding the quality of the content, according to various sources this is also bad. Writers often do not handle the assigned topics and deliver a standard essay. This only means that the grade will not be good. That is, you will not be paying for something worthwhile.


As for the price, it can not be said that it is considerably high. However, if the low quality of the service is taken into account, then the price is very expensive. In Quality Dissertation UK, they claim to have the best prices in the United Kingdom. But, what's the use if the text is bad?

Company Trust:

On the website, the company does not indicate an exact address to which we could go in case of inconvenience. Nor does it give us the name or data of a specific person who gives us the face if there are problems. How can we trust? A reasonable person, surely would not.

Customer Support:

When we search for "Quality Dissertation UK Reviews", we find that several people complain about the delivery time. They do not meet the established deadlines and when they do, the dissertation does not meet the necessary requirements. There is no guarantee that your money will be returned even though the company says otherwise.


Quality Dissertation UK is not a reliable company. You can verify this by just entering your website. It is not worth putting something as important as your dissertation in their hands. It is a risk. Why do you have to take a chance when there are other better portals? It is preferable that you look for true professionals. Beware of scams!

Comments from students

Demmy Moore

Quality dissertation is a scam, their project write up is of poor quality and are not reliable. I gave them my dissertation to write but went to just plagiarise books and returned the poor job. If I had submitted the work, I will be getting a failed but thank God I was working on my own project while contacting them. My advise to student is not to do any work with them and better do the job on your own.


If you do not want to be harassed, then avoid this company. They will entertain you initially. Once you make the payment, they will block you. They will not deliver the assignment even.


I did not at get the value for the money that I spent for my assignment. You people took the money and promised me that I will get the best quality assignment but no it was not. It was so low quality that my teacher did not even accept and I had to redo my work. has wasted my money and time.

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