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PaperCheap is an online platform that helps or aid students or writers compose essays and articles. PaperCheap is one of the hundreds of services found online that is dedicated to offering help to those who don’t have the skill and time to write essays and articles themselves. However, this write up is to help you know if PaperCheap services are really up to standard? Read on to find out.


Papercheap provides dedicated writers to create or compose write-ups for you but the interesting fact that you don’t know is that they have a very limited number of employees which makes them time inefficient. At time of writing, they have just 75 writers on staff, with around 15 from the United Kingdom. After some research, it’s also worthy to note that PaperCheap just have 75 writers employed, with around 30 writers with Masters Degree and just 2 PhD holders. With only 15 UK based writers, that’s a worry for the quality of writing that you’d receive from them. And due to the fact of the very limited number of staff especially the one who write in native English, many essays and articles get rejected or under revision for a very long time. That’s the reason for saying that they will most times disappoint you. They are not trust-worthy.


When you pay for services, I know you’d want what you paid for to be of high quality but some students and writers have reported the opposite with Paper Cheap. In some reviews, some persons have said that their write-ups were up for plagiarism, as their employees do pick up materials from elsewhere to rapidly tidy up the works or sometimes to make the write-up, essays or article a little bulky to reach the required amount of words needed. Sometimes they also resale essays written by them in the past(not plagiarism free)


Pricing also is a major problem most especially for the age grades that majorly make use of their services. Students are more into the services being provided by and really the pricing system is too pricey for a student’s budget. For a 2:1 level write-up, at 2 pages and 500 words, and to be delivered within a duration of 10 days which is a lot of time, would be offered for £21 which is a lot of money for a student.


If you think you can trust with your personal details please do rethink because customer’s privacy has never been really important to this company. Many students have reported that they’ve had their details being released by them so as to show the masses they are real. And that’s not encouraging cause for any company because the customer’s privacy and company’s trust should come first.


The biggest problem is the quality of the work and the duration in which it takes to get done because of the minimal amount of writers that they employed. Papercheap makes loads of promises that they can’t keep to which is obviously a bad reputation already to the business. Cutting in short, it will be advised to use another service other than…

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