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In this technological era, many students avail the online services for their study and paperwork that may be essay writing, assignments, dissertations, speech, research work, thesis work etc. Just to achieve high grades like others they apply on online platforms in order to get their work, but they got nothing except fraudulent service. Like many other essay writing companies, some scammers also came into this field and try to get benefit by making fake accounts and giving fake services to others. So is also one of those companies who is spreading the dishonest scheme which becomes a result for wasting of money and time of customers. Many students have witnessed their service but they may not know many other frauds and disgraceful act of this association. This survey will reveal about their scandalous scheme which is breaking all records of dishonesty even in the field of education. Our review article is going to expose their hidden faces and will declare viewers that what they are actually doing instead of working. We are here to depict about their writers, company trust, price, plagiarism, and conclusion.


This company has writers but they are not loyal to their customer. When any customer place order on their site instead of doing their job they start threatening the students and blackmail them that they will tell their university or institute that their students are outsourcing their works, that is such a disgraceful act that anyone can do. They are not professional at all. So you should have to make sure not to make any blunder by placing the order on this site.


When it comes to pricing scheme, this company has not shown the all pricing scheme but they are attracting the customers by giving fake discounts on their sale and also by free services. As they say that they give 20% off to each client and they are also providing free features on many services. But when any students place the order along with payment and then ask for service they become aggressive and starts threatening the customer that they will inform their university that you are outsourcing your assignments. If you are going to place the order there kindly save your money, data & time from these scammers.

Company Trust:

Every association ensures to build up a good relationship with their customers by making trust of clients on their company. Some the companies truly work to get the credit of trusted platforms. But some of the scammers do nothing but they build up the trust to get orders by making the fake and appealing website. As has made their website if you at them you will surely place the order because they are telling lie to their customers by the fake ratings.


Our survey concludes that this association is full of scammers & blackmailers. So we advise you to stay away from them and save your money & your precious time. Because they have nothing except dishonesty and skill of doing fraud.

Comments from students

Ulises fails to develop company trust. They are not honest with their commitments that they made. They are unable to follow their own goal. If a company itself fails to achieve its goal then how can it achieve yours?


This company offers their services in different countries like Germany, Italy, Sweden and others. But the writers are unable to communicate in different languages. They are not well educated. Their behaviors are rude and sometimes threatening with the clients.


The writers are experienced scholars but they are incapable of producing the outstanding and satisfactory results to their clients. The language they use is not structure nut common language that is not a style of academic writing.

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