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We might be the most splendid individuals to stroll on the planet till date, as we are millennials yet at the same time we get into cons and cheats or atleast false commercials tricks. It not a major deal when you are an understudy and need composing administration once in a while. There are numerous in the market who do that on everyday schedule. is a writing organization that provides its services online. Today we are going to review them as there are confirm report of them being frauds and scams.


This company doesn’t provide you much info regarding their writers yet they provide with another good and equivalent feature that is, meet the team. By this they mean to provide you a sample work, a phone number and a mailing id for every writer they have. In this way you would be able to contact your writer before making an order.

Their works contain piles of highlight and sentence structure bungles. Without a doubt, even fundamental spellings aren't right. Only an unexperienced writer would submit such blunders. That is the reason association doesn't demonstrate any of their master and academic establishment. Since there is none.

Quality Of Service:

Since company fails to provide profile or link of any single writer, even fails to provide with their expertise so one cannot judge the quality of work easily. And if you are first timer with the company we can only wish you best of luck. Due to open market policy you might not get best assignment.

They provide little number of writing services comprised only upto essay and assignment writing. Which shows the professional expertise of their writers. Versatility of writers mean versatility of services but since they lack that much of professional writers so they can’t provide number of services. But at the end of the day all that matters is that this company doesn’t provide quality services.

Their work is often plagiarized and when you complain they either block you or abuse you verbally. So it’s basically a gone case.

The website acknowledges the safety and security of every information regarding it customer in its privacy policy. Yet there is no guarantee of safety of information with companies like these.

There have been reports of late ad wrong deliveries, plagiarized work, poorly written content and sometimes not doing the job even after taking payments. There have also been reports of miss-conduct and abuse of verbal language.


There is no general pricing plan available on the website which means that they provide you with an e-quote which forms trust issues, as there might not b uniform pricing plans for each customer.

Company Trust:

I think a company that is actually working on basis of open market and still claims to own all those writers is surely no company of trust... So you cannot contact them to inquire about the company, which forms trust issue between you and company.

We were not able to rate them on testimonials, as there were no testimonials or survey segment on site. Organization's trust is something that rely upon the client. In the event that a client trust an organization he will return to it soon and will likewise leave positive surveys about it. Be that as it may, since there were none on site we were not able to audit them there.

Though they provide guarantees like money back and privacy security but a fishy company like them can never be trusted and should not be trusted.

Customer Support:

Website provides you with a phone number and a live chat option. Apart from that it also provides you with an email id, Facebook, Twitter, google plus, Pinterest and even YouTube with a physical address as well. Which is actually good but all in vain when you are not providing with any pricing plan and telling a lot of lies.


The company doesn’t provide you with writer’s info, costs way too high for standard option, cannot be checked for plagiarism. Moreover a company like them can never be trusted since there have been reports of miss-conduct, abuse of verbal language, late ad wrong deliveries, plagiarized work, poorly written content and sometimes not doing the job even after taking payments. We rate them 1/5. The website has fake testimonials, cost too much and isn’t transparent completely. So it is clearly not trustworthy.

Comments from students


I didn't receive a timely delivery of the ordered assignment. This made me disappointed, as I literally had to wait in anticipation for a long time.


The quality of the work was highly disappointing. The format of the text was incorrect and I also found common mistakes in grammar. These companies are making money by providing this type of services but in reality they all are fake. is incapable of maintaining its quality.


The writer whom I met during my order process was very rude. He was not ready to follow the instructions. The communication level is poor and they do not have any empathetic behavior. They present them as professionals who ironically, are unable to write in good English with well-defined structure.

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