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From time to time we utilize internet composing administrations for our composed employments. For the most part clients are understudies of various dimension of instruction framework. While a portion of these organizations are great in occupation the greater part of the organizations are either fakes or phony. Today we are going to audit them on various criteria's for you. is an online writting company that claims to provide service for writing purposes.


However the company claims to have best writers who are graduated from top universities of UK, yet it fails to provide any kind of link or profile of its writers. They have no professional writers. They use bunch of free lancers for their jobs. So there is no question of quality in this case.

They do not acknowledge their writers at any place. They doesn’t even share their names, academic and professional details on their webpage. So we were unable to judge the quality of their writers.

When they are so good why afraid of showing their expertise and faces on website. The point is, that you don’t know who is going to pick your order, either he is trained for that kind of writing or not. This puts a lot of confusion.

Quality Of Service:

Organization guarantees that there is no trade off on the nature of the work. However, one can figure effectively from their frame of mind, that will be that when you don't share your author's profile, your supervisor's and editor's profile or profile of your legitimate counsels, bit you do realize that to share value plan is vital as it is advantageous to your side, than essentially you are trading off the nature of your organization on an entirety.

Their work is regularly appropriated and when you grumble they either square you or misuse you verbally. So it's fundamentally a gone case.

The site recognizes the wellbeing and security of each data with respect to it client in its protection approach. However there is no certification of wellbeing of data with organizations like these.

There have been reports recently advertisement wrong conveyances, copied work, inadequately composed substance and once in a while not carrying out the responsibility even in the wake of taking installments. There have additionally been reports of miss-direct and maltreatment of verbal language.

They give minimal number of composing administrations contained just upto exposition and task composing. Which demonstrates the expert ability of their essayists. Flexibility of journalists mean adaptability of administrations yet since they do not have that quite a bit of expert essayists so they can't give number of administrations.

However, toward the day's end the only thing that is in any way important is that this organization doesn't give quality administrations.


However the company claims to be budget efficient as it is working for students, still the prices are too high. For simple APA format, 1 page essay with urgency of 24 hours you would have to pay £16.95. Which is too much for a single page essay.

Company Trust:

The company’s website presents testimonials which look good, only the feel more like fake one’s as there is no link given or any info about the testimonials. So you cannot contact them to inquire about the company, which forms trust issue between you and company.

Though they provide guarantees like money back and privacy security but a fishy company like them can never be trusted and should not be trusted.

They don’t provide any kind of guaranteed discounts as all they care about is making money and even looting it if they have to.

Customer Support:

Company provides you with a phone number, an email id and an online chat option but the point where curiosity arises is that it doesn’t provide you with any kind of physical address. Which according to me is a big lag in customer’s supports. Because sometimes a customer wants to interrogate about your firm in personal, by calling on you. And if you don’t share your address that a big negative point.


A company like them can never be trusted since there have been reports of miss-conduct, abuse of verbal language, late ad wrong deliveries, plagiarized work, poorly written content and sometimes not doing the job even after taking payments. We rate them 1/5. The website has fake testimonials, cost too much and isn’t transparent completely. So it is clearly not trustworthy.

Comments from students


The site of concern, popularly describes their services to include custom term papers, assignments and essays. The quality promised to customers are not always met because, they do not have various masters graduates to handle the projects. Their services can not be trusted.


This company fails to take responsibility for their wrongdoings and shortcomings, thus making this company fraudulent. Please don't do business with this company, you will regret it!


The grammar is extremely shocking, especially joining some of my sentences with substandard English and making them very wordy. I am extremely disappointed.

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