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Today if you go looking for any writing service you will find hundred or even thousands in the market. Many of them are good yet many of them fail to provide what they promise. Some of them even do not fall on their own criteria. Today we are going to review one such company, in detail

Website or e-news:

When one open their website it is quite easy to get confuse, as there is too much data on a single page. It feels like you have open an e-newspaper. This is kind of a question mark on their abilities, because a company who doesn’t know how much should be written on single web-page how can they promise to be a good writing service.

I mean they could have put that in specific sections, or maybe they are saving their cost on the webpage.

Price offered:

Pricing is one of the most important thing in writting services, be it for academic purpose or for business blogs. Pricing is something where your customer-company relationship is based. But I think that the company really doesn’t care about their clients. A single writing of 550 words with urgency set to 24 hours would cost you £34.97 which is way too much for you pockets and enough to destroy customer-employee relationship.

“About section” or what?

Their about section is more like and FAQ section which show how professional they are for their web-page but the most interesting part is their identity and their writers identity. It may look like on reading word “identity” that company is finally going to provide you with something factual about them yet it fails to do so. All you know is that tey are based in UK which is too big to search for a single company and all you know about their writers is that they are professional which they fail to prove.


Out of 5 we would rate it 1.4. As the company fails to provide any factual information about themselves. So if you are looking for any writing services you may have to look a little bit more.

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