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Having an essay assignment can be a little tricky sometimes since you need to perform the best to get the best score too. Coursework Empire UK is one of a company that holds service for doing essays for students in the UK. Claimed to offer qualified service in essay and assignment, Coursework Empire UK serves several services. Want to know more? Here are complete Coursework Empire Reviews.

Writing quality:

Coursework Empire Reviews in several portals say that the writing quality of the service here is not eligible, especially when clients ask for good quality in academic writing. They seem to get the random source so that the writing is not good at all. Sometimes clients have to deal with spun contents. So much plagiarism also are found in the article they have delivered. Instead of getting a good score, clients will get a worse score because their essays are bad.

24/7 availability:

They said that they serve the customers for 24 hours a week. But, you can see that the admin of the website is literally offline on most time. They don’t offer efficient time to deliver the answer due to the client’s question. That’s why you will experience stuck just because of waiting for the answer even if you only need to know the detail price to pay. Some Coursework Empire Reviews also say that clients don’t get referral code for a discount even they have already registered for the first time. It is not related and based on their own quote for customers which is “discount offer.”


There are not so many Coursework Empire Reviews in the public so that you can say this company of service is not really eligible and credible. In the market, there are few people of clients who already tried their service, and they say it is not good. Though they offer “money back guarantee” service as an advantage for the customers who maybe failed in the assignments, you cannot find them in the market easily. If you look a company service that offers the high expertise of writing an essay, you may not look into Coursework Empire.


Based on the Coursework Empire Reviews, you may think twice to register your essay assignment here. Rather than Coursework Empire, you may want to check another portal to help you write flawless essays. The rating of this Coursework Empire is 1.6 star. I highly don’t recommend to students especially you who want to get a good score in your assignments.

Date published: 25/09/2018
1.6 / 5 stars

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