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Writing service if one of the very old services of human history. Since the written language has come into being, people have been going to different writers for their services. In modern era where pc has taken place of pen and paper, also writing service has become more advance. Now you can order whatever you want to be written by sitting at your home with one click of your finger. This process of sitting at your desk and ordering a service has provided us with comfort but on the other hand it has also become a headache. The biggest loss of ordering any service online is that you don’t anything actually about the company. Either they are well qualified, are their degrees original and is the service good and according to the price. Following we are going to review one such company.

Poor web-understanding:

Normally when you open a website for online service you always go to the about section just to know more about the company and its originality. However when you go to the about section of all you find is story of the couple who embarks this idea. Nothing about the company, nothing about their address, no phone numbers and no email address. Which clearly shows that the owner of this website has very poor understanding what customer wants to see first and all they care about is their business.

No contact info :

The website has not provide any kind of contact or information regarding company’s existence. If you want to know about it you have to fill a form and provide them with your personal information and then ask for theirs. Which is kind of hectic especially when you as a customer are concerned about your privacy or don’t want unwanted newsletters on daily basis.

If you want to know something about the company you have to go to FAQs sections but it might not also be of good help as it provides only with the limited information.


Let’s talk about the main thing, services and pricing.

The most important thing for any online writing service is the, calculator. So that the customers can get a rough idea of how much a service is going to cost them. But that’s not the case with as they do not provide you with the facility. Rather than that they provide you with fixed packages. So you are bound to a package and have to pay according to it. If you want something between 10k to 20k words you dont know how is company going to calculate the amount as there is no package for it. Well, let us tell you that. For cases like these company has a fix rate of $1.99 for 100 words. So if you have a job of 400 words, it’s going to cost you $7.96 which is more than what is normally available in market

No writers profile:

Worst thing any online writing service can do is not to provide you writer’s profile. By not providing that company actually hides it’s total number of employees, their qualification and their capabilities. This puts a big question mark on them. You actually have to order their service and after that they will provide you 3 random writer’s id from which you can choose. So basically you have to buy their service first.


So if you want a writing service our suggestion is to search the market and get a job from some company you can trust. But if you want to know story of a happily married couple and their struggle is best for you.

Comments from students


very poor service, especially do not appeal to them, they are thieves!


They're trash and provide content that leads to accounts getting terminated. BEWARE BEWARE SCAM


Plagerised content , obviously NOT native english writing, horrible

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