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Just like many other available assignment writing services, there are many proof reading services available for students over the internet. One of them is proof reading services are mostly taken up by students after being outright scammed by different assignment writing service websites or disappointed by shoddy services provided by other proof reading websites. Such services are mostly money ripping setups after providing extremely poor quality services. This is why, it is important to review a site such as which promises ‘high-quality English proof reading and editing services for all academic & scientific papers’.

Quality Of Service:

The website does not have any samples at all to understand what kind of proof reading prowess one can expect from them in the documents sent to them for correction. They strictly advertise that all they would work on is grammatical errors, punctuations, edits, consistency in references. Any other type of corrections would not be handled by them. While some students may actually need assistance in also checking the quality of content provided and relevance of work that they are going to submit, would definitely not entertain such requests. There are hardly any samples available on their website and they do not entertain samples as well. One of the reviews posted by an independent reviewer points out that the only service he received was for grammar, formatting, spellings and punctuations. Despite that he gave a single star when it came to quality because of his experience with reviewing a 1000 word document. He felt that document corrections could have been mostly an effect of embedded features of Word itself.


Earlier proof-reading-service costed 0.899 pence per word however now; they charge 1.199 pence per word. That makes their services costlier even for repeat customers. There is not scheme for returning customers at all on their website, at least they have not advertised. Post this price, there is also an additional 20% VAT that they charge from their customers for taking up their services which definitely makes proof reading a costly affair. Thereafter, any student who is interested in reviewing a small document which may be below 1000 word, may not be at an advantage. There is no pricing structure available for such requirements. This would definitely make the student look elsewhere. Also, for dissertations where the word count may be well above 20,000 words or more, the proof reading services cost would be quite high and become a deterrent for an aspiring and potential student.

Company Trust:

For a student to take up a service from a website, it is of utmost importance that the site looks reliable, professional and experienced in their tasks. Unfortunately, there are not many reviews available for which makes it all the more, a difficult choice for a student to trust. The website looks extremely neat and well articulated content does instill a positivity in the mind of an intended student. However, there are certain points which do not add up. The website claims to be the largest academic proof reading company and scientific editing services worldwide for research documents in all academic and scientific writing areas including topics such engineering, social sciences, economics, law, management, business, computer science and many such allied fields. There still is absence of independent reviews regarding the company. It has a Facebook page without any comments from users. How come if they are so good and largest establishment, they do not have any independent review footprints?


Almost every other site on the internet these days pose to be the best and assure 100% satisfaction guarantee for services provided. Due to lack of reviews and any trace of it anywhere else except their own website, it is difficult to trust the website with money. There are no samples available to gauge the expertise in their work and the reviews available mark it down strictly in terms of quality, service, delivery of work and price. For students who may not be tech-savvy, submitting a file to take up their services could just be a riddle. All in all, try it out at your own expense!

Comments from students


Also disappointed with my paper and no chance for a refund..


I cursed the time when I have an place an order with this company. I was so wrong. I wish anyone would have told me the truth earlier I could have saved my grades as well the money that I have spent on them. A bunch of cheaters!

Avery is very expensive and the quality of service they provide is low. I’ve got my paper in time but half of it was plagiarized and other looked like a Google Translate from another language.

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