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Precision Consulting Company is top thesis writing company in United States. They assist students in preparing PhD thesis. There are high qualified individuals and they helps students in different field of statistical analysis. Their experts are in popular with MLA, APA, Harvard, Chicago and Turabian academic styles but their work need revision also.


Writer of Precision Consulting are all PhD holders and there are altogether 60 writers or analysts. They do not check the requirements and the guidelines clearly. They also do not revise the work after the final submission of the job and they demand payment for the revision. This is really disappointing. It shows their writers quality. Poor quality work shows the organisational policy and commitment. Few writers do not have proper knowledge on statistics and analyst sometimes failed to understand the project. The writers handle the work in worst way. Lack of knowledge shows through the submitted work and the English is so disappointing. Staffs of this company are incompetent.

Quality Of Service:

Precision consulting promises to provide high quality content. Moreover the company does not provide the committed service to the students. Submission is delayed and their content quality is not good and it needs revision. They do not review properly and they do not co-operate with the students even. Response rate is also not good and sometime it is broken promises.


There is not much information regarding their price calculator. Pricing of this company is also high though they demand their price is affordable. A small example can help to understand the pricing of the Precision Consulting Company. For dissertation analysis, PowerPoint, edit and section 3, they charged $3,400. This shows their pricing policy which is too high for a student.

Company Trust:

Precision Consulting is well established company of New York, USA. Precision Consulting Company content quality is not so good. They do not look after the project carefully and their delivery is also not good. They are not trustworthy company. The company website provides very less information about their service. Their previous name was Minimax Consulting and they have long history of internet fraud.

Customer Support:

The customer support of Precision Consulting is great and if you’re in the US and you know its grammar is good level. They promise about the work will be submit within deadline and edit will be of free of cost but there is no way to confirm this promise. There was no information about their customer support and services which is another big worry for the clients. Pre and post services are there but their quality is not satisfactory. Though they offer for free revision but actually they charge for the revision.


Content quality is not upto the mark as committed. They produce sometimes plagiarised content which is really not suitable for its image. They sometime also do resale their content. In regards to the Internet, I have soon discovered through the past customers who complained about the high level of plagiarism, and also there are a load of errors and typos throughout the content.


It is really important for the every student support organisation to provide quality service to the students. It seems that is not as trustworthy according to their commitment. Their content quality is not good and even they do not provide editing service in free of cost. They do resale their already completed dissertations. There is a strict rule of no plagiarism in the Universities. Grade is so important for the student which will help to build their future and in this situation do you really believe or risk your life? Do you want to risk your future studies? We recommend you to please check Precision Consulting company service process before taking their services.

Comments from students


Never and ever use their service. is cheaters. They forward you the relevant articles from academic websites they find on google. You can do the same thing if you don't care about plagiarism. DO NOT PAY THEM.


I suggested that, since offers such a tiny list of services for academic students, they must be really mindful about the quality of their work. And not chase one's wallet, you know. Sadly, it looks like they are just lazy or do not follow the market trends or.. I don't know. I don't think the paper I received is worth the sum I paid.


So much info on the Precisionconsultingcompany website that it was hard to understand how to place an order. And I wish I hadn`t found out because it turned out to be a total failure. Lots of grammar mistakes (apparently, written by an ESL student) and even some factual inaccuracies, no formatting at all (different fonts throughout the text) and a short list of references.

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