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Personalstatementwriter is the website which offers to provide you well-written stuff for many disciplines to help you in your academic and professional career. They brag a lot to do the job perfectly and help you in achieving the best outcome. But we are alarming you to take good care of yourself, they are no more than just fraud. The Personalstatementwriter reviews are so poor that you cannot take them in your good books.

Quality Of Service:

Personalstatementwriter claim to offer the services for dissertations, books, proposal and book proposal but you will definitely hate the stuff you will get. They are blamed by their customers for scam. They are all crying over the loss they had face due to this poor quality service of Personalstatementwriter.


Personalstatementwriter will offer you high quality content in just few dollars. You may get a false perspective of having their service in cheap rates but believe or not you are going to dig a deep grave for your professional or academic reputation. You will be treated with a dish of waste material full of plagiarism in highly expensive budget. We care for you, don’t go for this service at all. Pity is that! You will never get your money back or any claim for false stuff. Instead they will threat you to contact your boss in case of claims.

Customer Support:

If they told you to do your work with full time assistance and help of you, forget about that. They will disappear after having the payment. Customer support is not in their dictionary. They are just cruel and greedy business man having zero concern to your reputation or working life. You will push your head in the walls after making the payment because all WhatsApp, email, messages and online call facilities will be disconnected.


Personalstatementwriter reviews make them a totally fraud company. They will not do your job in acceptable form. You will cry after that, so we recommend you t please don’t waste your time and money to these poor quality websites. Never get trapped in their talks and false promises. They are no to be trusted at all. I’ll never review them more than 1 out of 5.

Comments from students


Very very bad dissertation. The writers are incompetent, full of grammatical errors, and vague sentences. I wouldn't recommend this site.


Do not trust this! First of all it was late in delivering the order, second, the writing looks like it came from a primary school student, third, the information is a load of bull$#*! and the cherry on top of that was that the instructions were not followed! What a load of crap! Literally money wasted.


The work quality is very cheap. They are unable to write in Standard English because the writers are not native English speakers. The content of the essay is unstructured and the context of the essays does not meet any sense. The overall performance of this Personalstatementwriter company that is working globally is poor.

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