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Essayempire’s website offers to reduce the workload of student by helping in providing essays, papers and other research work. Their website looks good and is easy to navigate. They even have the services of selling written and completed essays. The review of the website is done on parameters of trust, content quality, writers, pricing, customer support and plagiarism.


Whenever a student pays for a project, it is because he wants to score a better grade and is always hopeful that his work would be done by an expert. Unfortunately, the website does not have much mention about the writers and their background. The website only mentions 3-4 line about their writers that cannot be trusted as per the quality of work they have given in the past. The essays are not well written, well-cited and they are even filled with grammatical errors. The students cannot score even passing grade for the essays they provide. Thus, the Writers cannot be trusted. Moreover, the work is mostly submitted on the last day or even later so there doesn’t remain room for revisions. Who they claim as experts are clearly not the experts.

Quality Of Service:

The testimonial page is vague and has no point of consulting as regards the quality of the content provided by them. There are reports and reviews that suggest essays are written in poor English with typos and grammatical errors. Also, there is a report in an article stating 81% plagiarized paper.


For a term paper of 5 pages required in 10 days and having a standard quality, the cost without proofreading and plagiarism report is as given on their website £51.96. If any customer requires the document to be proofread by the editor then there he has to pay an additional price of 3.96£ and for originality report of the paper, the additional price is £2.36. Thus, it sums up to a total of £58.28. Even when this price is not high but the lack of quality does not justify this price.

Company Trust:

The website suggests reviews without having any date and no mechanism as to how they can be trusted. There have been various reports surrounding the poor quality of content and customer support and thus it is difficult to say that this website is trustworthy. The credibility of the website can be doubted after reading reviews on social media and other platforms. Missing deadlines for long durations is one of the most common concerns of most of their customers.

Customer Support:

An order can be placed directly from their website. The payment mechanism is also secured and even the order placing system is direct without any hassle. The website offers 24x7 online chat features, which works and extends support to most of the queries of the students. Even they have mentioned an UK mobile number, but it may cost a lot to the students. Apart from this, queries can be sent through mail. However, there have been negative reviews that the website fails to solve all the queries once the students receive a final product. A customer reviews that after paying an amount of £125.00, she stopped receiving any response from the company, not even the paper for which the payment was made.


plagiarism is the most important concern for all students since universities take this issue very seriously. Even the best quality work is reduced to failure, if there is plagiarism. Most websites offer plagiarism report as a part of the essay, thereby ensuring quality and originality of the content. However, to get the plagiarism report of the paper by Essayempire, the client is required to pay additional cost. Without incurring this cost, the document cannot be trusted for its plagiarized content. The website claims to provide plagiarized free work fully but there have been reports of even 81% plagiarism in an essay by the student. Thus their claims on the website cannot be actually trusted.


The website offers only few limited services that are not beyond 25 topics in total. They fail to deliver services on some of the most important topics that are quite popular amongst students. This makes clear that has a long way to establish its business in this industry. They need to work on the content and services provided quite sincerely. They must ensure that the prices they are charging are in proportion to the quality of final work offered. Students have many better options than since they have nothing unique and better to offer. Overall, I would rate their services.

Comments from students


Utterly rubbish service. better give your assignment to a nursery kid, they will do it better than them! SERIOUSLY do not waste your money by asking them to do your assignments – no quality of work and they started to ignore my calls when I asked them for changes to the assignment they sent to me.


The service of this site to the clients is substandard. Orders are taken from customers in a friendly manner, butat the end they do not finish the task atrequired time and they are rude when questioned about that. Customers become regretful for placing order from this site after delivery is made. No thorough research and perfect papers are written as always promised.


The company trust is the key to the success but this company is not aware about this fact. The overall management of the company is zero.

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