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We often witness students using different online writing services for their home-works and different educational task, because either they are not self-capable enough or they didn’t have time due to after school parties. is one of such online service which provide these student with their writing and homework problems. But is it good enough? Let see in the following.


The first thing you look for when you go for an online writing service is your own pockets, especially students. You dot want to pay too much for a 500 words essay especially when you depend on your parents for your pocket money. So if you are looking for a quality service which is budget friendly then for sure ESSAYBIRD is not the sit or firm you want to visit.

As you can see that pricing for normal essay of 550 words with delivery in 48 hours is £29.39. Which is obviously too much for a student, it not too much for pricing but it’s too much for what they are providing within this price range. Moreover this pricing is for basic service if you need another type of writting with more words and more urgency than the pricing will be sky-high.


However the website claims to be available on chat for 24/7 yet you can see that they are offline even on weekends, in afternoon when it is off time for schools everywhere. So you might not be able to chat with them directly which is necessary if you are getting late for other things, and need your writing urgently.

Public Trust:

Something that surprise us the most is that there isn’t any mentioning of public address on whole website. So if you want to meet them or order them personally that might be difficult or probably not possible. This actually plays with trust of the public. A company that is providing facility of live chat, phone number and emails but at the same time isn’t providing any physical address, feels like a ghost company. Because if you are providing a phone number that number must have an address but you are not providing with your external or internal public your address. So if you are ordering their services you should think twice.

Writers and Quality:

The website claims to have PHD and Masters level experienced writers who can write in all formats like APA, MLA and many more, yet it doesn’t show their profile on the website or not even their names or qualifications, which again hit trust issues when you are someone using online writing service for the first time.

“Maybe fake” Testimonials:

Website shows testimonials yet fails to provide any link or details to contact with the customers whose testimonial they are showing on website, which again put a big question mark on their services. Which means that testimonials could be fake.


Conclusion is that if you are a student who got loads of home-work then try to do it yourself, as it will actually help you in learning something, but if you have urgent work and wat any writing service better search for another writing service in the market and save that pocket-money for something good.

Comments from students


The grammar is extremely shocking, especially joining some of my sentences with substandard English and making them very wordy. I am extremely disappointed.


The customers do not have any offer and support from the staff. They are incapable to reply on time, even though they are unable to deliver the orders on time. Their service is slow. You will also find some technical issues on the site.

Lucas is designed to help students regarding their academic problems. However, this online service is not reliable for students because they are incapable of providing original and satisfactory work.

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