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The demand for essay writing services is widespread due to the convenience of getting customized essays and critical assignments done by the professional experts. The industry of online Academic help services are often overburdened with scam companies, one of such companies are The scam specialists reveal such fully embellished fake essay writing sites that exploit the individual writers by demanding several dollars in return of unworthy and undesirable works. On scrutinizing the feedback of their dissatisfied customers, it has been found that this website manhandles the graduate students by their dishonest guidelines and is extremely insensible of their obligations towards the students. We have investigated the unworthy service scheme of the across the following attributes majorly.


While the students order for an essay or dissertations, they cannot get the opportunity to check the professional skills of the ghostwriters. The takes advantage of it and employs the naïve writers claiming them to be the most experienced and qualified writers in respective domains. They even claim of being a native speaker and guarantee higher quality work, however they end up presenting a poorly written paper with several unnecessary flaws in it. Nonetheless, these inexperienced writers fail to address the feedback when sent for editing as a result of which the students fail in their exams.


The prices offered by this company are much higher in comparison to the industry standard that would definitely make a hole in customer’s pocket. For example, they often charge £180-200 for a simple two page essay with a delivery deadline of 10 days, whereas the exact charges for the project would be around £70 in the industry. Hence, the risk of paying higher price for a simple project does prevail with as their core business value lies on making profit with negligible focus on their quality of services. In addition, they does not offer any discount codes or seasonal concessions which in turn makes the high-price unbearable for the students.

Customer Support:

On investigating their customer support, we received a list full of disappointments. The customer complains about their unprofessional attitude and unruly behaviour that goes against the business standards. They also find faults on their delayed responses, inaccurate and misleading information, inappropriate attitude and lack of sincere approach towards the customers. No wonder, their questionable support systems lack proper training and complete knowledge about the services they are providing. Such unprofessional interactions from the part of support team create a bad experience for the customers who seek help from this website. Hence, this is another critical point that customers must keep in mind while ordering a work from this site.


Plagiarism has always been the critical area of concern for the University students, which can even ruin the academic career of students on submission of a plagiarised paper. The customer reviews against complains about the copied essays and assignments provided by them. The writers are allegedly charged of giving incorrect information about the source and miss out major citations and also quote sentences without referencing the lines. This leads to serious breach of the submission policies outlined in the question paper. In addition, often the writers are found to recycle the works previously made and pass it on with minor changes in the paragraphs or sentences. For a service that claims to be best services providers, such revelations are extremely shocking and unthinkable.


Indeed, such overrated sites would lose their exposure if they stop pretending and honestly express about their writers, where they are actually located and kind of services they provide. Hence, if you are planning to take service from, we suggest you to do your “homework” on the site before making the payment. There are plenty of custom writing services available, but screening out the best of all does need your research skills. is a complete waste of your money and time that would lead to superfluous frustrations of students. In order to avoid such inconvenience that large number of students has already faced, be mindful about this site and stay away from their inadequately composed writing services which could even harm your academic future.

Comments from students


This company fails to take responsibility for their wrongdoings and shortcomings, thus making this company fraudulent. Please don't do business with this company, you will regret it!

Tony is not pocket friendly for the students. They are charging 17$-19$ per order which is not possible for a student to pay. If they offer any concession that is only 1$ or2$. The writers are using different tricks to trap students. This company is not for students.


The customers do not have any offer and support from the staff. They are incapable to reply on time, even though they are unable to deliver the orders on time. Their service is slow. You will also find some technical issues on the site.

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