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Students worldwide are increasingly reposing faith in myriads of project writing websites. It is pertinent to get the best out of your education but sometimes the time frames fail to allow the students to work on projects and dissertation and thereby they seek help from such writing services. One of such services is, which we will be reviewing on the parameters of trust, quality of content, writers, pricing, customer support services and plagiarism. All of these parameters will answer the concerns regarding credibility of this website.


The website fails to provide any information about the writers. Writers play the most significant role in project writing services. Most students rely on the writers for their grades and marks in the studies. The quality of content offered by them affirms that their writers are not professional. Writers often fail to abide by the instructions written in the main document and even the feedback of the student or the tutor. The writers have been seen singing their own notes in the final work irrespective of the instructions. This raises doubt over their experience and knowledge relating to the work that is given to them.

Quality Of Service:

The quality of content written in dissertations fails to adhere to the claims of the website. It is poorly written and caters to bad quality in regards to grammatical errors. Even the outline and headings do not seem professional. The quality of content may not secure a student merit as per evaluation criteria adopted by most universities. The quality is not even made better after requesting revision of the work.


The pricing for dissertation writing services for dissertation of 1000 words at undergraduate level in 7 days is £92. This price even for the most basic paper is higher than usual. If compared to other websites this price for the basic paper is even higher than the price offered for premium paper. Thus, students will have to shell huge amount of money for their essay and dissertation services at dissertationhomework. The point to consider is that even this high price does not ensure quality of the work. The price varies for work with urgent deadlines and the level of the work required. Overall, the price is very high as compared to other services.

Company Trust:

DissertaionHomework mainly deals with essays and dissertations. As the name suggests, their main focus and area of work is in dissertations. In dissertation, they provide topic and outline, proposal, complete dissertation writing, literature review and editing services. Thus, this website is not for students who are looking services to write their essays, projects or other research papers. Most of the reviews have affirmed that they deliver the project on time but quality has been seen compensated at various instances. Thus, it cannot be fully trusted.

Customer Support:

The website provides options like email, phone number and 24x7 chat options. These options can be availed at the time of ordering a project, queries during the project and even after the project. But the customer support has proved to be most effective only at the time of taking orders. Post that the customer support has proved to be a dilemma for most of the people who were not satisfied with the work delivered by them. Even they fail to revise the projects sometimes when the client is not satisfied and ask for the same.


The website does not provide any assurance that the work would be free from plagiarism and high in quality. Students have got work wherein only words were interchanged with the synonyms to avoid plagiarism from small software and reports were attached. But plagiarism was found at the time of final assessment done by the university. On an average projects show plagiarized content upto 20% and this causes reduction in marks for the students.


The website of dissertationhomework seems incomplete and it is even not user friendly. For a new user, it is difficult to navigate in the website and place the order as per requirements. The chat services take a long time to respond and thus emailing and waiting for their response is the best way to place an order. In this review, we would conclude that this website is not highly credible in placing project orders. They fail to provide the quality as assured by them and for all this they are charging very high price, which is clearly not worth. Students must make a rational decision and talk to them on every point before placing the order. Overall, we would rate this service 1.8/10.

Comments from students


My advise is, never place an order with them because they are way below average. Their write up is shocking and alarming. Grammar is so poor. Order is far too expensive. Please run from them. We are putting in plans to bring the company down.


Their essay quality is the worst I’ve seen. The writers need to be fed with each and every thing that you’d want to be included and if that’s the case, why wouldn’t I do it myself? Never approach them for your essays.


Dissertationhomework is for high school students to facilitate them with the homework assignments and work services. They are serving students worldwide but the writers are incapable of producing original content on diverse topics.

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