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After considering high demand of academic writing, we planned to review some of the platforms where people usually land to get their work done. But to our surprise, we found many of them not to be up to the mark as per the level of tasks they are being assigned. We will share reviews here as an example,

Authenticity of Company:

They do not have any kind of address or contact number or even social media link mentioned on their website which is a bit alarming. It can be risky to work on such platform where one cannot assure the authenticity of a company and we will be totally clueless in case of any scam. This problem also reflects the privacy issue of their clients, like maybe they are reselling their articles to other clients.

Quality Of Service:

They claim to provide their clients with best writers but this really depends on luck. If the client gets the good one, then your work might be up to the mark otherwise the case would be different. Also, quality of work means zero plagiarism obviously as it is unacceptable when it comes to higher level of dissertations but they fail to produce such content as well. Along with this, some of the reviews also included the spelling mistakes in their work which is totally intolerable.


Though they do offer 20% discount to newcomers but we found it too expensive when compared to other such platforms. They charge separately for proofreading which sounds very weird. If a client is paying them good enough amount for any article then obviously it is expected to get an error free document which requires proofreading anyhow. So it should be included in total cost which is not the case here.

Respecting Timelines:

Well this is the most important part if one claims to offer writing services. And we got highly disappointed when we checked with some of our samples and they failed to meet our given timelines. This may lead to waste one complete semester of any student if the deadline is given with least tolerance.

Customer Support:

They give 24/7 customer support to their clients but reviews lack the refund policies. They claim to give 100% money back guarantee but there are so many hidden terms and conditions which are not properly mentioned on their web page. Many clients faced difficulties as they were not clear about this policy till they face unwanted money loss.


We would rate them as 1.6/5 and highly not recommend assigning any important task.

Comments from students


The grammar is extremely shocking, especially joining some of my sentences with substandard English and making them very wordy. I am extremely disappointed.


The people who write for Dissertation Company fail to unfold new ideas and clever arguments. They have a team of writers and editors who are not able to present extraordinary
work to buyers. People left comments regarding their poor grammar, lack of interest, rude communication, and slow delivery rate. This company is working worldwide but they have no ethics about how to work.

Manuel is created to provide online services of admission essays,
recommendation letters, problem statements and writing and editing for colleges, law and
business schools, and graduates. But, their services are the greatest bullshit in the field of academics and professional fields.

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