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British Assignment Writers claims to have very efficient writers catering to the clients in the UK, the service page of the website confirms that the company has one of the most effectual and adept academic writers. The writers of the company are very experienced in handling assignments of clients as per expectations and specifications based on prescribed timelines. The writers of British Assignment Writers as mentioned in the website have several published writers from the liberal arts sector, including a woman who wrote a book about feminism. The team work on a full-time basis, though most work remotely(, 2018)The Company has less than 50 writers, only 6 are from UK and 11 possess Master’s degree and 2 have PhD’s.Nothing is specified regarding the expertise of the writers nor the company has mentioned regarding its writers except in the blog of the writer British Education Students, Teachers, And Methodology( blog, 2018)

Quality Of Service:

Nothing is specifically mentioned regarding Quality of the services of the company except for very scare information regarding the narratives adopted by the writers to recreate the exemplary piece of work, 100% Plagiarism free work, data protection along with revision policy, this basic information is probably available in most of the websites catering to academic writing. Nothing specific is mentioned regarding the quality of content and deliverable in the service page regarding website of British Assignment Writers(, 2018) as per reviews regarding quality of contents, the writing standards were not even close to what was promised by the company regarding the quality aspect at the time of online registration, with very high on plagiarism the rating provided by client was just 1/5(, 2017)


The company has a specifiedpricing policy which is not very hard to follow; more information is furnished only after an account is created with British Assignment Writers. As per the Pricing norms of the company three patterns are followed as per required deadlines as depicted in the table. Every time the screen is opened to check the prices the discount coupons and line chats reappear on the screen, which are not only distracting but redirect client towards collecting discounts without being bothered about other serious issues (, 2018) As per reviews the time limits like 3-5 days are pretty unclear and not fixed , moreover the website catering to pricing does not mention regarding number of words in a page, neither the prices are as per number of words, henceforth the pricing issue is candidly complicated.

Company Trust:

British Assignment Writers a company working without any physical contact address, mainly caters to students pursuing higher education in the United Kingdom. The company asserts that they are amongst the best writers available in the UK, who can cater to the any academic requirements of the clients are per UK education models(, 2018)The trust of the client using the site and entering the personal information can be shattered, the moment the physical address of the company cannot be traced, moreover even the service page depicts the similar information repeatedly, confirming that the company is interested only in sales (, 2017) as recently the information which is persistently depicted on the service page of the website of company while selecting the home page is spring discount of 30%.

Customer Support:

The most pertinent factor for customer is to avail customer support not only 24/7, but 24/7/365 days as per requirements, the support agents at British Assignment Writers are willing to help the clients by live chat, email or even toll free services (, 2018) The customer expects to be answered immediately, nonetheless the waiting time is 20 minutes for live chat and 24 hours is what the company takes to respond to mails. Even while taking orders, the staff does not clearly discuss issues regarding refund policies, this makes not only post sales but pre sales conversation with customer support quite difficult, the ratings given by a review company for customer support to British Assignment.


The most potent information which a client can get from the home page of the company’s website is regarding 100% plag free work. The complete work is designed by writers from the scratch and the company by policy is against the “intellectual theft.”


British Assignment Writersa quality oriented company with team of experienced and dedicated writers, works on following principles ? Pricing and discount options ? Security and consistency ? 24/4/365 Customer support ? Contact of client with writer ? Qualified writing team ? Quality oriented Nonetheless few reviews regarding the company are worth considering: We can’t recommend BritishAssignmentWriters, as we’re not impressed with what we’ve seen of them. The writing they offer is well below the standard you should expect and their behind the scenes staff don’t seem to be much better. You’ll be better off finding a well reviewed service, and spending your money on a good essay instead. States that there are conditions attached to the discount, but nowhere does it tell you where you can find them or what they are and the code isn’t displayed either. The pricing is rather high compared to similar United Kingdom sites.

Comments from students


Failed my essay on international worship because of them.These people have no clue about academic paper writing 🙁


This company is zero in facilitation. They commit on-time delivery within
3 to 7 days. In reality, they never pay attention to the customer’s submission deadline. They are fraud and playing with the career of students.


They are very polite and humble at first but once the order is made they will disappear and if you catch them at any other platform like email or inline chat they will be too rude. You will hardly get any chance to talk to them which will be very off to the track. If however they do, their response will lack the information required to be helpful for your issues.

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