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There is a mention of hosting a number of writers on their websites but contrary to their claims there aren’t many writers, may be 50 or 60 at max. such small number of writers means there is no guarantee of the writing. Moreover, not all speak the native language and have good qualifications, which, again, gives no assurance when it comes to writing.

Quality :

A major part of your degree is based on the final part, that’s thesis writing. The whole of your degree leads up to your thesis paper. Which is why the standard of writing is very important. Choosing a domain that will help you write your thesis paper is, hence, very crucial. As we looked in to Best Dissertation reviews we found that many papers weren’t up to the standards of quality expected from them. This is a major setback.


They are expensive, because they claim to have everything original. Their work is said to perfect hence the higher prices. Almost 15 percent more than the going market rate. Which would have been worth it if only the work was up to the mark. Best Dissertation reviews have revealed that they charge quite a bit for dissertations that are closer to the deadline. Also, there last deadline is 48 hours which isn’t much. If it’s a consolation they do offer discounts.


Negative and positive word of mouth says a lot about the reputation of any organization or work. Likewise, when it comes to writing samples aren’t enough, but reviews are. What we have gathered from Best Dissertation reviews is that it doesn’t stand tall in the market. Their reputation doesn’t say much about them which is why you cannot trust then. Bad publicity is something one should really look in to when it comes to writing.

Customer Service:

They have a live chatting option on their web, they have samples and FAQ’s as well. In addition to that there is also an email option where you can email them your questions and supposedly get a prompt reply, which makes them eye catching. But all that glitters is not gold. What good will all this do if you don’t get a foolproof paper. What if you get jumbled sentences and spin off literature. And you only get to know after getting a bad grade. You can’t undo that. You will be left with bad grade and 24-hour customer service that won’t be any good to you after you have paid them.


All in all, the rating, 1.5/5, isn’t very good from the looks of Best Dissertation reviews.

Comments from students


The charges for assignments are expensive that a student would not be able to pay. For
revisions, for formatting (APR, MLA, Harvard), and for citations they charge extra amount.


The quality of the work was highly disappointing. The format of the text was incorrect
and I also found common mistakes in grammar. These companies are making money by
providing this type of services but in reality they all are fake. Bestdissertation is incapable of
maintaining its quality.


The authors of the site are rude and not professional. They write in low Standard English.
I ordered a research based essay with the proper format and when I got my order I was totally
disappointed. The staff is unable to reply on time.

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