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Today when you go looking any online writing service you get lost into millions. Every person who thinks he can write well has open a writing agency. Most of them are against moral values as they are providing writing service for academic purposes, which mean student can now go for late night parties without worrying about their homework and assignments. Which is ethically wrong as they will end up learning nothing. is one such company. Let review it in the following.

Lack of morals for Academics:

I know most of you would be thinking how a writing service can be ethically wrong for academics. Well just imagine your ward spending good amount of his/her pocket money on a writing service to do his homework and assignments, when he should be doing it him/herself. After all you are spending your hard-earned money on their school and education and also for their pocket money. Imagine it all ends up your ward learning nothing. openly offers writing for academic purposes. Here, have a look,

No writers profile or info :

For a moment let’s suppose you are ready to order their services. How would you do that without knowing anything about the person who is going to do your job. There is no writer’s information or profile on website, although the company claims to help in writing from graduation upto PhD level. Which is a little bit fishy, because when you have such an expert team why not show them so that the public already know about your staff.

No physical appearance:

The strangest part of the company is that it is present on nearly all social accounts, twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, skype and even emails yet the company fails to provide any physical address or landline associate to address for its customer. Which means that if you are ordering their services do it on your own risk.


Pricing is one of the most important thing when you are providing service to students. Most of them do not have any permanent jobs and still depend upon their pocket-money. Which is where fails badly.

Let’s suppose you have only one day left for assignment, which is normal time for students to remember that they have any homework, and you order service from for a college level assignment. You would have to pay £23.99 for that. Which is not a good option if you are a pocket-money dependent.


It’s better to do your work on time and enjoy parties after that but if you are late for your homework or assignment, it better to search for good service provider in market rather than wasting you money on website like

Comments from students


Assignmenttutor goal is to provide quality work, original and well researched.
However, this company is still incapable of achieving its goal. The work they deliver is not well
researched. They don’t bother the rules and proper formatting of research.


This company is not a trust builder. They are incapable of meeting the satisfaction of the
customers. Their behaviors are not flexible and negotiable.


A very gentle suggestion is that this company is not recommendable for research
purposes. Their staff is rude and honest with their job.

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