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Many online services provide academic writing but none of them ever claims their service to be the key step for academic life. However does that, which is strange. Let’s have a look.

No respect for academics and education system:

The company claims that there are only 5 steps for academic success, and those steps are basically procedure for ordering their services.

Which means if you are a gold medalist of your specific field but you haven’t followed the 5 steps than you are not academically successful. First of all it is ethically and morally wrong to provide writing service for academic purposes, many big firms doesn’t allow it and most of the schools perform immediate suspension of a student if he is caught using such service. The basic purpose of education is to learn not to present someone else’s writing in front of mass of people. I don’t know by which definition they believe that their 5 steps are key to academic success.

Probably fake reviews and writers profile :

Though it is one of the very few websites who provide their writers profile or customer review, yet it fails to provide any contact info or contact link. Which kind of jeopardizes the whole situation. See in modern era it is very easy to put fake reviews and fake ratings on website page and also to create fake profiles. I am not saying it is fake I am saying it fails to provide proof for its genuineness which makes it fishy.

Sky-high pricing:

when it comes to pricing in online writing business one should be very careful, as most of the customers are students who do not have any permanent jobs and work on low wages to earn pocket money.

However does not care about that. A simple essay of a levels of 500 words with delivery in one day would cost you £55.88. Which is too much when your core customer is student.


If you are a student ad want you assignments done, better do it yourself but if you can’t, we would suggest to search for better service provider in the market. But if you can afford to burn your money than surely you can also afford

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