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  is for high school students to facilitate them with the homework assignments and work services. They are serving students worldwide but the writers are incapable of producing original content on diverse topics.

Writer: has more than 500+ writers who don’t have enough brainpower to take different challenges. They are not committed with the customers. Honesty and respect does not mean any sense for them. The writers are not experimental and do not have any practical approach towards knowledge.

Quality Of Service: is an online service but its quality is not at all servable. The content they write is not 100% original and does not make any sense. They are making students fool buy presenting them as they are best. This company is a fraud who is scamming people with different tricks.

Price: is not pocket friendly for the students. They are charging 17$-19$ per order which is not possible for a student to pay. If they offer any concession that is only 1$ or 2$. The writers are using different tricks to trap students. This company is not for students.

Company Trust:

This company is not trustworthy because what they said does not implement it. The customers are not secure in the hands of writers because they are cheating on them. Trust should be first priority but they are in vain to build it.

Customer Support:

The customers do not have any offer and support from the staff. They are incapable to reply on time, even though they are unable to deliver the orders on time. Their service is slow. You will also find some technical issues on the site.


This company is not recommended for others because your study is most important for you and they are ruining your future. Your grades depend on homework and assignments, this company is not serious about this.

Comments from students


In general, we do not suggest getting any service from this company. They are a scam
and only want money. Honesty is nothing for them.


This company hires 500+ writers from different academic backgrounds. They believe that
professional writers are not affordable for students that’s why they do not agree to hire them.
This argument is not satisfactory because they are providing research based services, so how can
an unprofessional writer can do research who has no experience in that field. Previous buyers
face the rudeness of these writers. They also fail in effective communication.

Victoria‘s goal is to provide quality work, original and well researched.
However, this company is still incapable of achieving its goal. The work they deliver is not well
researched. They don’t bother the rules and proper formatting of research.

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